Refund Policy

Dissertation Deals always believe in providing a genuine and error free paper. We are completely devoted to provide an extra to our customers and fir this reason we have formulated some changes from others in our refund policy to give importance to our customers and to give value to their customer’s right. We strictly abide to the rules and regulations of the policy and make sure that every customer is treated on merit and our writers are taken care according to the service ethics.
Customers are advised to properly read the Refund Policy and develop a clear understanding of the points mention to claim a refund. The customers are legally obliged to follow the regulations and for any concerns, please fill the contact form before placing an order.

  • If in any case, Dissertation Deals is late with your order, the client has the right to contact us. And if, the late delivered paper is not used by our customer, we will provide a full refund* or a credit on your card.
  • If in any case the paper is delivered late and the customer uses this paper, we will only refund the time difference amount and not a full refund.
  • If the client provides us with the evidence that the content is copied and will not give a chance to revise the paper, he can opt for a refund. But, the client needs to provide us a chance for amendments before opting for a full refund.
  • If the delivered paper is not up to the standard quality of the Quality Assurance Department, the client can ask for a refund. The percentage will be communicated to the client in which all the cost determining the refund will be mentioned.
  • If in any case, the client is unable to receive the paper at all (even the drafts and the research) and also the customer support is not providing any sort of respond to the queries sent for more than 36 hours, the client has the right to file a full refund or a credit.

Dissertation Deals strictly disallows customers to take chargeback. Thus, we request our clients to contact our customer support who will guide you through the refund form.

If in any case, a customer takes a chargeback, our system automatically mark the individual as fake client. An in any case, if Dissertation Deals consider a client to have taken undue advantages of our services, the company reserve the right to take legal action against the aforesaid client.

  • Full refund is equivalent to 90% of the total amount paid.

The remaining 10% amount id deducted on the charges of the payment gateway transaction cost.

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